The Heart of the Unseen

Yesterday, someone connected to us died.
In his car.
In a park.
Surrounded by joyful play. Exuberant runners. And the fullness of God’s playground.
He died. Alone.
Oblivious to the joy outside his window.
Untouched by the souls of men
Invisible to the sight of joy
He died.
But what if?
Death preceded him
The death of hope
The death of joy
The death of peace
preceded the death of his body
That maybe he had abandoned life before it abandoned him
Sub zero despair.
I’ve been there.
The place where the irrational eclipses the rational
Where loss overshadows gain
When emptiness consumes a full tank.
Hidden from the purview of men
Insulated from the grasp of concern
A soul is groaning
Right before your eyes
Is it me you’re looking for?
Absence of response
We walk away
Saying…he didn’t tell me
But he did
With the emptiness of his eyes
With the frailty of his voice
With the flush of his face
He said everything
By saying nothing at all
Slow down and see me
Sit down and hug me
Hang up and tell me
I am not alone
And connected
A heart may be filled
A soul may be touched
And life may be restored
Alone. He died.
But death may have preceded him.

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